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Copper Anode Slime Processing Plant In Finland

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Effect of process variables on oxidative pressurized acid

Effect Of Process Variables On Oxidative Pressurized Acid

Anode slimes contain a significant amount of precious metals, therefore, their processing has a substantial economic impact on plant profitability. The first step of the anode slime treatment process is decoppering, in which copper is typically removed from slimes by oxidative pressurized acid leaching 1

copper anode slimes processing equipment from china

Copper Anode Slimes Processing Equipment From China

copper anode slime Processing Plant in finland... refineries without equipment for processing them ... Sustainable Developments in Copper Anode Slimes ...

Precious Metals Plant Metso Outotec

Precious Metals Plant Metso Outotec

The Metso Outotec Precious Metals Plant is commonly used for treating copper anode slime for precious metals recovery and refining. It can also be used for other similar materials such as lead anode slime and other materials containing precious metals. The process can be tailored for plants consisting of multiple unit processes such as copper ...

Settling Properties of Copper Electrorefining Anode Slimes

Settling Properties Of Copper Electrorefining Anode Slimes

Jan 01, 2019 Typically, the industrial copper electrolytes contain 4060 gdm3 Cu2, 130220 gdm3 H2SO4, 0.0425 gdm3 Ni2, 0.00530 gdm3 As, and have operating temperature of 5570 C. In optimal electrorefining process, the settling rate of anode slime is sufficiently high to avoid the risk of getting the slime entrapped in copper cathodes.

A Novel Process For Recovery Of Te And Se From

A Novel Process For Recovery Of Te And Se From

A Novel Process For Recovery Of Te And Se From Copper Slimes Autoclave Leach Solution Shijie Wang, Brad Wesstrom and Jean Fernandez Phelps Dodge Mining Company El Paso Operations 850 Hawkins Blvd., El Paso, TX 79915 In pressure oxidation leaching of copper anode slimes, more than 65 of the tellurium is co-extracted during decopperizing.


Extracting Silver From Anode Slime After Lead

Anode slime, a byproduct from the process of copper electrorefining into the copper cathode, contains several valuable elements that can be extracted after Cu and Pb separations. Another alternative route for extracting the precious metals is still needed in terms of gaining more economical route.

Kristian Lillkung Product Manager Hydrometallurgical

Kristian Lillkung Product Manager Hydrometallurgical

Helsinki, Southern Finland, Finland 433 connections. ... participated in sales engineering and development of cyanide leaching plant unit and hydrometallurgical anode slime treatment plant. ... Hydrometallurgy Participated in implementation projects and sales projects in copper refining and anode slime treatment. Service trips and ...

Production assets and activities Nornickel

Production Assets And Activities Nornickel

Metallurgical Plant for nickel production Copper slame to Polar Division Slime to be used in precious metals production Pt, Pd, Au, Ag Copper cathodes for sale Polar Division Corporate governanceAnode smelting Blister copper Copper anodes Anode electric furnace Casting wheel End product Electrolysis baths Company overvie Strategy overvie

Copper Cathodes amp Copper Billets Montanwerke

Copper Cathodes Amp Copper Billets Montanwerke

In the foundry, extremely direct use scrap production waste from processing plants and copper cathodes are smelted in a gas-fired shaft furnace or in electric furnaces. During the vertical continuous casting process, strands with diameters ranging from 150 to 500 mm and cakes with lengths of up to 8 m are cast intermittently.

Electrochemical recovery of tellurium from metallurgical

Electrochemical Recovery Of Tellurium From Metallurgical

Nov 08, 2019 Tellurium is a metalloid element , which is currently produced primarily as a by-product of copper electrorefining via anode slime treatment 2, 3.It is commonly used in solar panels 4,5,6, production of thermoelectric materials 6,7,8, semiconductors 9, 10 and as an alloying element in metals like steel to improve the machinability 6, 11.

Arif T Aji PHD Candidate Aalto University LinkedIn

Arif T Aji Phd Candidate Aalto University Linkedin

Decreasing the viscosity and density increases the rate of falling of the anode slimes to the bottom of an electrorefining cell and increases the diffusivity and mobility of ions. Increasing the falling rate of the anode slimes decreases a risk of anode slime impurities ending up on the cathode and being entrapped into the copper deposit.

Electronics scrap processing at Brixlegg copper works

Electronics Scrap Processing At Brixlegg Copper Works

miscetde6245194, title Electronics scrap processing at Brixlegg copper works author Kaltenboeck, F J, Sauer, E, Woebking, H, and Woerz, H abstractNote The valuable metals - in particular precious metals, copper, zinc, and tin - that are included in electronics scraps are recovered in the secondary copper works of Brixlegg in the form of commercial intermediate products or in the ...

US20070062335A1 Method for processing anode sludge

Us20070062335a1 Method For Processing Anode Sludge

The invention relates to a hydrometallurgical metal for separating the precious metals and impurities of anode sludge obtained from copper electrolysis. According to the method, anode sludge copper is separated in atmospheric leaching calcinated in two steps for separating selenium and for sulfatizing silver the sulfatized silver is separated by leaching into a neutral aqueous solution, from ...

Recovery of precious Au Ag Pd Pt and other Metals by

Recovery Of Precious Au Ag Pd Pt And Other Metals By

550 kg of anode slime containing 275 kg of Cu, 7.529 kg of Ag and 3.12 kg of Au. 270 kg impurities Pb, Sn, Zn, and Fe distributed in the anode slime and partly in the electrolyte. After the electrolytic refinement of the anodes the obtained slime 550 kg is to be set copper free to the copper content in the sludge of 2 for the

Primary Copper Smelter and Refinery as a Recycling

Primary Copper Smelter And Refinery As A Recycling

together three subsystems. The treatment of anode slime includes processes like decopperizing, selenium recovery, Dor smelting, tellurium recovery, and two to three electrowinning stages for noble metals recovery, so the anode slime treatment includes six to eight stages. A primary copper smelter

for recovery Hydrometallurgical

For Recovery Hydrometallurgical

Hydrometallurgical processing of anode slime for recovery of valuable metals J. BISWAS, R.K.JANA, V. KUMAR, P. DASGUPTA, M. BANDYOPADHYAY2 and S.K.SANYALZ National Metallurgical Laboratory, Jamshedpur-831007 ZJadavpur University, Calcutta-700032 ABSTRACT The anode slime obtained from Indian Copper Complex, Ghatsila was

SYMMET CLIC Innovation

Symmet Clic Innovation

Acid analytics for metal recovery processing..... 25 Measuring dust emissions during charging . in a coke oven plant ... The capacity management of copper. electrorefining anode slime treatment..... 28 Critical and precious metals recovery from . WEEE and energy storage materials in copper production ...

Processing of copper electrorefining anode slime a review

Processing Of Copper Electrorefining Anode Slime A Review

Anode slime is the insoluble product deposited at the bottom of the electrorefining tank during electrorefining of copper. It generally contains Cu, Ni, Se, Te, Ag, Au, platinum group metals PGM, Pb, Ba, Fe, etc. Owing to the presence of valuable metals and metalloids in the anode slime, numerous approaches have been made by the researchers to extract them following pyro-, pyrohydro ...

The treatment of copper refinery anode slimes SpringerLink

The Treatment Of Copper Refinery Anode Slimes Springerlink

There are numerous viable approaches to the treatment of anode slimes from electrolytic copper refining. Of particular interest in the treatment of slimes are the behavior and recovery of selenium. The understanding of the process chemistry involved in the treatment of anode slimes should be aided considerably by recent work on the formation and characterization of slimes. Most promising is a ...

Primary Copper Smelter and Refinery as a Recycling

Primary Copper Smelter And Refinery As A Recycling

Recycling 2017, 7, 19 2 of 11 Copper scrap is generated at all stages in the life span of a copper product, including metal production, product manufacturing, and post-consumer disposal 5.

Mining Process Konkola Copper Mines Plc

Mining Process Konkola Copper Mines Plc

The main refinery at Nkana uses electrolysis to process copper anodes to LME A grade copper cathodes. It has been expanded to accommodate the increased anode production from the Nchanga smelter. The Nchanga Tailings Leach Plant TLP, one of the largest of its kind in the world, processes tailings from the Nchanga concentrators and stockpiled ...


Pressure Leaching Of Decopperized Copper

The processing of copper anode slimes is an additional economic driver for copper electrorefineries, due to the fact that slimes contain precious metals such as silver, gold and platinum group metals PGMs e.g. Pt and Pd as well as base metals like copper, nickel, selenium, tellurium and impurity elements such as lead, antimony and bismuth.

Copper Ore Processing Plant Equipment For Sale Prominer

Copper Ore Processing Plant Equipment For Sale Prominer

Copper Processing Plant description There are mainly three types of copper ore sulfide type copper ore, oxide type copper ore and mixed ore. Based on abundant experiences on copper mining project, Prominer supplies customized solution for different types of copper ore. General processing technologies for copper ore are summarized as below

New vacuum distillation technology for separating and

New Vacuum Distillation Technology For Separating And

Jan 31, 2019 The anode slime generated in the process of copper electrolysis refining contains a wide variety of precious metals and rare elements , , , and the dressing-metallurgy combination process is one of the principal methods of copper-anode slime treatment, its widely used in Finland, Japan, the United States, Russia, Germany, Canada and other ...

Mohanty Udit S Kalliom228ki Taina Seisko Sipi Peng

Mohanty Udit S Kalliom228ki Taina Seisko Sipi Peng

Since anode slime is formed from the insoluble impurities of the anode in the electrolysis process, the composition of the slime depends on the composition of the copper anodes Schlesinger et al. 2011. Typically, copper anode slimes contain Cu, Ni, As, Ag, Sb, Au, Bi, S, Pb, Se, Fe and Te

Palabora Mining Company Ltd

Palabora Mining Company Ltd

Jul 06, 2021 Tankhouse electrorefining process produce 99.99 copper cathode and byproduct anode slime from 99.5copper anode. Smelter supplies the Tankhouse with two types of copper anodes that are stripper and commercial, with the stripper anodes used to make starter sheet and commercial anodes are used for cathode plating or deposition.


Development Of Characterization Methods For

Table 1. Average anode and adherent anode slime chemical compositions of 31 anodes and adherent anode slimes determined by ICP-MS and ICP-OES Anode ppm Slime Ag 1409 21.05 Pb 666 8.35 As 2481 5.40 Sb 492 3.73 Bi 536 5.48 Ni 3071 2.96 Te 249 1.50 Se 606 6.48 O 2 1919 - Cu Bal. 17.70

of Critical Strategic and HighValue Elements from By

Of Critical Strategic And Highvalue Elements From By

Sep 21, 2020 metals, etc. are concentrated in the anode slime of primary copper extraction from sulde materials. One may conclude that the processing of electronic wastes in conventional copper pyrometallurgy resulted in the concentration of the valuable elements in by-products such as the anode slime of the copper electro-renery.


Mechanization Of Incos Copper Cliff Copper Refinery

Jan 01, 1990 KEYWORDS Tankhouse mechanization, anode scrap, anodes, cathodes, starting sheets, electrolyte, anode slimes. INTRODUCTION INCOs Copper Refinery which is located in Copper Cliff, Ontario, about two kilometers from the Smelter, was constructed in 1929-1930 by American Metals Company and INCO. The Tankhouse operation remained largely unchanged ...

Guar Gum Processing Plant Catalogue

Guar Gum Processing Plant Catalogue

copper anode slime processing plant in finland. South africa guar gum processing factory Crusher Current Location Home south africa guar gum processing factory south africa guar gum processing factory Crushing Equipment Stone crushing equipment is designed to achieve maximum productivity and high reduction ratio.

Precious Meatal Recovery Process Using Hydrometallurgical

Precious Meatal Recovery Process Using Hydrometallurgical

Jan 01, 2019 This paper summarizes the hydrometallurgical technologies for precious metals recovery such as chlorine leaching of copper anode slime for silver recovery, solvent extraction SX for gold recovery, and ion exchange IX for PGMs recovery. It also presents a unique silver purification process.

Five arrested for smuggling anode slime from Sterlite

Five Arrested For Smuggling Anode Slime From Sterlite

Jun 22, 2013 The copper smeltering plant processes copper from copper anodes while turning them into cathodes and anode slime is produced as the by-product in the process. ...

Selenium and Tellurium IMYB2015 ibmnicin

Selenium And Tellurium Imyb2015 Ibmnicin

platinum ore processing. The principal sources of selenium are sulphide deposits and anode mud or slime obtained during electrolytic refining of copper. Tellurium is found mostly in tellurides associated with metals, such as, bismuth, lead, gold and silver. It is found with selenium in the anode slime from electrolytic copper refineries. EXTRACTION

Updated Aurubis AG Environmental Statement 2015

Updated Aurubis Ag Environmental Statement 2015

Anode slime Precious metal rening Nickel sulfate Anode furnaceA node casting wheel Tankhouse Anode Cathode Raw materials Copper products By-products Copper. Cu . Cu Fig. 1.3 Aurubis, an integrated copper producer Mines and recycling markets Copper production Copper processing Downstream final processing Concentrate Recycling materials ...

Characterization and process development for the

Characterization And Process Development For The

The common way of processing anode slime is split into three steps, including pretreatment, concentration and refining. In the first step, ... out in industrial plants, for keeping the copper losses at a minimum level. The chemical analysis of the ... Finland 4.2 0.9 7.7 n.m. 3.3 1.5 4.9 5.1 n.m. 5.3 4

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